Finishing options

Traditional printing

We will ascertain the most cost-effective option to print your book once it has been edited and designed. Traditional printing is based on a larger quantity, exceeding 500 copies; however, digital printing is the preferred option for quantities between five and 500 copies.


We also offer an option to include an eBook. This is an option that must be considered when publishing a book, particularly now that e-Book reading hardware has dropped dramatically in price. This option is available after the editing and design process. Technology for reading eBooks has improved significantly in recent years, and eBooks cannot be disregarded; electronic publishing is a certain trend for the future of the publishing industry.


Your order will be delivered to a nominated address, allowing you the flexibility to select your own distribution methods. These methods may include pitching your book to publishing houses, book-buyers or independent retailers, building an eBay shop front, or selling directly from your own website.

Website design

A professional website is a key marketing tool in the age of internet-savvy individuals. The internet is your key to providing readers with instant access to information regarding your product.

At Inspire Publishing, our experienced web designers will use your summary, reviews, photos and images to create a tailored website (with up to three revisions) for your book, including:

  • up to 10 major pages
  • unlimited graphics.

Our team will use search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques for your website, which means that your site will generate a strong rating from search engines such as Google.