Our process

Becoming an Inspire Publishing author is an easy process. In five simple steps you can have a professionally
published book ready for distribution.

STEP1. At our initial meeting we will discuss the steps involved in producing your book. We will also give you an indication of timeframes, how long it generally takes to produce a book, and the steps involved. We will also gather all the information required to provide you with the associated costs that best match your needs.

STEP2. Once we have evaluated your manuscript, decided on the best publishing solution for your needs and formulated costs, we will present these to you. Once you are happy and agree with the process and the costings, we will then ask you to sign an Author Agreement (note that you retain 100 per cent of the rights to your book) and make your first payment (60 per cent of the total cost).

STEP3. You will be assigned a project manager who will monitor the book throughout all stages. The author will be in direct communication with the editor and graphic designer throughout the process to ensure quality and consistency.

STEP4. Once the manuscript has been thoroughly edited, we will provide cover design and page layout options. The author will be involved in proofing throughout all stages of editorial, design and print.

STEP5. Once the book has been printed and approved, we will ask you to make the final payment and the books will be delivered.


An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is required for all books sold through traditional avenues. It is a unique, thirteen-digit code used by booksellers to identify the language group, publisher and item number.

Inspire Publishing will provide you with an ISBN.